Miriton’s capabilities are centred on the planning, design, and operational support of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and their systems.


Often buildings require design and engineering services for specific systems. These systems may exist at a facility or may need to be added. Miriton has direct design expertise with a broad range of systems including:

  • HVAC systems
    • central and distributed
    • cleanrooms to class 100
    • biological containment to BL3
    • heat recovery and energy conservation
  • Exhaust Systems
    • corrosive and flammable service
    • fume hoods and containment hoods
    • exhaust gas scrubbers and burn-boxes
  • Pipework
    • plumbing
    • fire protection
  • Central Plant Systems
    • steam and condensate
    • compressed air and vacuum systems
    • chilled water and process cooling water systems
  • Specialty Systems
    • toxic, flammable and corrosive service gas systems
    • toxic and corrosive chemicals delivery systems
    • ultra high purity gas and water systems
    • hazardous waste streams
    • sewage systems
  • Electrical Systems
    • power distribution
    • emergency and uninterrupted power supplies
    • fuel cells
    • lighting
    • fire alarm and life safety
    • gas monitoring
  • Control Systems
    • DDC
    • PLC


Miriton offers a range of architectural design services for Interior fit-up and renovation of various building types: commercial, industrial, and institutional. The services offered include:

  • space planning and design
  • fit ups and renovations
  • space suitability analysis
  • consolidation and expansion
  • optimization and relocation
  • building technologies
  • facilities studies


Once facilities are designed, built and turned over, they need routine support to ensure that they are being operated reliably, safely and efficiently and conform to current standards. Miriton provides this support, support that cannot always be obtained from your own in-house staff.

  • operating cost analysis
  • energy performance evaluations
  • energy incentives and rebates
  • building condition reports
  • systems assessments
  • systems troubleshooting
  • commissioning and retro-commissioning


Miriton has particular and direct expertise in designing facilities of the following types:

  • Commercial
    • office and support space
    • server and LAN rooms
    • tenant fit ups
    • large scale cold rooms and freezers
  • Institutional
    • health care facilities
    • educational facilities
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
    • semiconductor manufacturing plants
    • photonics manufacturing facilities
    • medical devices manufacturing and assembly facilities
  • Research
    • laboratories and cleanrooms
    • computer rooms and computer labs
    • animal housing and research facilities