mechanical expertise

Sprinklers Installation
Toxic, Flammable and Corrosive Service Gas Systems
Toxic and Corrosive Chemicals Delivery Systems
Fire Dampers
Fire Stopping, Fire Separations
Cathodic Protection
Legionella Bacteria Control Management Program
Control Systems:
o   DDC
o   PLC
o   Pneumatic
o   BAS
Chilled and Process Cooling Water Systems
Fire Protection:
o   Sprinkler systems (Dry & Wet)
o   Fire Extinguishers
Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants
Heat Recovery
Water Treatment Systems
Energy and Water Audit
Cooling Towers, Chillers, Dry Coolers
Humidification, Dehumidification Systems
Ultra-High Purity Gas and Water Systems
Sound Attenuation Radiant Panels
Ventilation Upgrade
Mechanical Equipment Replacements
Walk-in Fridge and Freezers
Heat Pumps, Unitary HVAC
Domestic Water System
Air Handling Units, MUAs, RTUs HVAC Systems
Airflow Systems
Hydronic Systems
Perimeter Heating
Steam Systems
Sewage Systems
Fume Hoods
Containment Hoods
Gas Distribution Systems
Hazardous Waste Streams
Flash Condensate Tanks
Compressed Air Systems
Exhaust and Ventilations Systems
Fuel/Oil Delivery/Storage System
Chemical Rooms/Storage Computer/Server Rooms