Algonquin B HVAC Retrofit

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Algonquin B HVAC Retrofit

Algonquin College, Building B HVAC Retrofit (ESCO)
Siemens Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

As part of a 20 year energy savings contract (ESCO) between Algonquin College and Siemens Canada, Building B required a complete retrofit of its forty year old HVAC systems.

Miriton overcame the complexities and challenges of replacing the vintage systems, with ones selected for optimum energy savings, minimum maintenance and much improved comfort for the occupants.  The innovative solutions used to achieve the project’s goals include:

variable volume air systems

demand controlled ventilation

energy recovery

low friction design

high efficiency air movement equipment

digital controls and sequences

This $5 million project was carried out to an aggressive summertime schedule minimizing disruption to the students.  Although the existing building’s systems were intricate and had many deficiencies, Miriton’s accurate design produced a minimum of design related change orders (less than 1% of construction value).

Once the phases are complete, this project will help Algonquin College realize almost $4 million in annual savings, half its deferred maintenance liability and meet its sustainability goals.